Thursday, June 18, 2009

B&CHB Comments And Responses

Helena said... Hello all! First things first, I would like to congratulate you on your blog. I really like it, but there is a problem: I'm Portuguese and I don't understand English enough (it's my boyfriend who translates my messages).

Well, I am a recent fan, and I'm "desperate" searching for something that may clear out some things. In other way, could you please provide me with some information? All that a recent fan would like to know of, like biographic data or psychological traces. I can easily read a simple text, with light contents, since I barely speak/write your language.
Thanks in advance! Regards-- June 17, 2009 4:33 PM

"Hello Helena". With so many international visitors to this blog, some of whom may be new to B&C history-- I thought it important to answer your question, in a way which might help others as well as yourself. I'm happy to help all I can. However, I'm not sure how I can recount such a large amount of history, within the summary you desire. I might suggest you or any new fan to this history, begin by exploring Frank Ballinger's B&C's Hideout website. A link to this truly "exceptional" B&C site, among others-- can be found on the right of the blog. Much of the info on Frank's site, is divided into topical segments-- which would be a good way to learn. Then perhaps you could pick up one of the many fine B&C books, which have been published over the years. I would suggest Fugitives, or whatever affordable version of the 1934 classic you can find-- as a good starting point. The Signet paperback version of Fugitives, is called The True Story of Bonnie and Clyde. Jim Knight's book Bonnie and Clyde A 21st Century Update, is also an excellent choice-- where the story of B&C is truthful, comfortably told and well written. Of course, stick with The B&C History Blog for accurate and balanced B&C info-- posted within a wide range of topics.

Thanks for your question.

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Rena said...

i am not computer savvy but i'm so excited to find this site. i have to use a "guest" setting on friend's e-mail for now. i've been waiting so long to find out these little known facts like where bonnie's brooch ended up, where sonny-boy ended up, etc. These details make b&c more human to me. once i found out clyde liked and played music and that bonnie liked to sing (and other things) i became intrigued. i want to fill in the picture....what did they do when they were together in the car? how did they act? how did they talk? and more importantly, how can i read the rare texts that i keep hearing about and never see? such as w.d.'s confession, his de-briefing by the dallas p.d., Palmer's de-briefing, clyde's letters to the newspapers (about hamilton and etc). i am a rabid b&c "fan" and i want to learn it see the sites, share with others....the whole lot. sorry, im sure this is not the right "forum" for a general letter, but communication is a little hard right now. hoping someone will reach me through the e-address of my friend which should accompany this post. Rena Lee, Newburgh, NY