Thursday, June 4, 2009

Searching For CBS Sunday Morning B&C Segment

If any of you happened to record the B&C piece from last Sunday's CBS Sunday Morning program, please let me know. Our friend "Boots" Hinton was on this segment, which reported on the 75th anniversary of the ambush and goings on at Gibsland. Some of us looked for this piece the Sunday of the weekend festival, and were disappointed it didn't air. However in reality-- it was shown the following Sunday. As this video is not available on the CBS Sunday Morning web page, and I haven't been able to find it on You Tube-- I have e-mailed CBS, to ask if they could please post it. Perhaps you can e-mail them as well. The written post re: this segment, "is" on the CBS Sunday Morning site-- but not the video from which the report was taken. I would like to post the link to this video segment, here on the B&C History blog-- for all interested in B&C to see. The spot was titled Love And Bullets: The Real Bonnie & Clyde.

Here is the CBS Sunday Morning link--

and e-mail address--


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