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Tonya Holly's Bonnie & Clyde Movie Dosen't See The Light of Day.. But A Movie Based On "Go Down Together" Might?? "Oh The Injustice"!!


A post to say this..  With thanks to ib12541 who made me aware of this link.. 

For years Tonya Holly (bless her)-- has strived to make a Bonnie & Clyde movie based on true history.. a history much more interesting than adaptations Hollywood and others have told.  However the stark and sobering realities of funding and intellectual property control (things surely more related to egos and $$, rather than history)-- have prevented what has been a most noble cause from becoming "the" Bonnie & Clyde movie.   

Then a "hired gun" writer, who's written on a variety of seemingly unrelated topics.. everything from The Dallas Cowboys to Santa Claus/ 3 books on Santa including an autobiography??.. ("Yeah man")-- who then "moved on" from B&C History, for another quick jaunt at The OK Coral-- and backed by a major-league publisher in supporting one of their stable riders-- puts out a book causing a sensation, although a sensation largely self-promoted. 

A book from an historical perspective which leaves much to be desired.. "and" authored by a man who apparently believes (although conveniently when scrutinized)-- in telling me so famously now, that "All written history is ultimately best guess, and clearly you and I have guessed differently in some instances".  Man.. that still doesn't work, I'm sorry-- and surely leaves "lot's 'o room" for supposition and sensational "creativity" without any need for historical diligence-- yes it does.  In effect, an all encompassing statement of protection-- which allows for limitless falsities to equal truth.     

"Go Down Together" contains a millisecond by millisecond account of the ambush fueled by a report lacking expertise.  A vengeful Hamer assassination of an already dead Bonnie, from the right side of the car without objective evidence of such.  Bonnie being a prostitute/ as she surely couldn't have lived so well?? on just her toil as a waitress-- and with this claim based on writings non-verified with provenance "absolutely" false.  I can still recall as if yesterday, Jonathan Davis running into me in Gibsland-- and before I could get the words out of my mouth, his saying "I know what you're going to ask.. and no, those poems didn't come from Marie". I believe I said to Jonathan in return.. "I know.. thank you". 

Then there's the famous Bonnie & Clyde photo attributed within "Go Down Together".. to a citizen amateur photographer who it's said was Squirrel hunting with his dog, and happened upon Bonnie & Clyde in the woods in Mangham, Louisiana.  Funny.. others apparently interviewed Mr. Brunson without
Mr. Brunson relating that story.  Anyway-- this story is quoted in "Go Down Together" as follows..

"After Clyde took a picture of the boy with Bonnie:  Brunson told me "thirty years later or more I got a letter.. and the negatives of those two pictures were in the letter.  I did away with them and the letter.  I didn't want to be involved with the Barrow Gang no way.  I figure after the ambush, (Bonnie's) family was giving away her personal things and they was stuck in a box in the attic or something for years.  Then somebody looked in the box, saw the camera had film in it, and got that film developed.  They saw my address and sent the negatives.  I guess I should have kept them". 

Yes, RIP Mr. Brunson, you should have.. for as I figure it-- that story lacks both an element of common sense, and bucks what we know as the outcome for Bonnie's belongings.  Why would a camera with film have been returned to the families from the death car??  How would the families know Mr. Brunson's name or where he lived??  You mean Bonnie & Clyde left a note along with the camera and film, saying please send pics to Robert Brunson after our deaths.. he can be reached at this address.  And BTW-- we know now through a family account, that Bonnie's things were destroyed by Aunt Pat Plummer apparently in retaliation for a tiff with Billie Parker, who had entrusted Pat to keep them safe. 

"And".. it's surely a good thing-- someone printed copies of the "picnic" photo from the negative, prior to Mr. Brunson having a change of heart and doing away with those negatives.  But you know, that other negative (the one with Mr. Brunson and Bonnie)-- would've proven his story.  It is remarkable-- how many with Bonnie & Clyde stories, cannot produce proof they say they once had.  A 7th man at the ambush who filmed it all.. Bonnie & Clyde tortured and killed elsewhere-- only to be placed in the death car and shot up for the reward money.  So why would an ambush need to be staged for reward $$??  Right.. and with proof as within other examples, miraculously unavailable when needed-- or with closely-held but dubious knowledge, offered only for some sort of twisted historical ransom.

For that tortured Bonnie & Clyde info-- I was asked to sign a lawyer's release and agree to agree with everything said, before being told of secrets already revealed??@$^%!??  Of course I refused.  Then came the desperate play, usually heard in more human dramas.. "well if I can't have things my way and without criticism, I'll just destroy the evidence so no one will ever know".  My response was "OK.. you win"-- and "If you really have something of value concerning this history, you should share it willingly-- for the benefit all who care about this history".  But it seems, some feel they're going to get rich on Bonnie & Clyde History if they play their cards right.  You mean like with "Go Down Together"??  Did I say that??  Folks.. regarding certain stories related about this history and some who market them-- I swear this stuff is true.          

Did Robert Brunson take this famous Bonnie & Clyde photo in the woods of Louisiana??  The Jury's still out on this one. 

So getting back to Mr. Brunson and his story-- now on a site concerning Mr. Brunson, it can be read.. "believed to have been the last person to visit with the famous bank robbers, Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. He accidentally met them near his boyhood home while squirrel hunting. His dog bayed them at their hideout in the woods. Robert met and talked with them for approximately twenty minutes on May 21, 1934. Mr. Brunson has been interviewed by two book authors- Paul Schneider of Flordia and Jeff Guinn of Fort Worth, Texas".

"Yep"-- the affect of conscientious reporting.. by an author with seemingly extraordinary talents at taking a story related, and without additional research noted-- weaving such story into the gospel according to "Go Down Together".  Want additional proof of this book's value to Bonnie & Clyde History??.. just Google Bonnie Parker, prostitute.

With that said.. from my viewpoint-- a movie based on "Go Down Together" with all it represents and doesn't represent-- well, that just doesn't seem right for this history.  Truth we need.. fodder we don't.  Time for another reminder of just how much Jeff Guinn has done for this history, from his 'ol pal on The B&CHB??  He has done something for this history.. right??


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