Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bonnie & Clyde Summer 2015 Rewind-- Whatever Happened To Mary O'Dare??

I used to do this more often.. re-post articles commented on over time, or with poignancy re: Bonnie & Clyde History.  As I've heard recently, from a number of folks well known to this history concerning the Mary O'Dare post from 3 years ago-- I thought I'd Que this one up again, for those new to the blog or missed this post the 1st time around. 

There are a number of research investigations I feel most proud of, in uncovering new Bonnie & Clyde info.  This is one of them.  Got to speak with Jimmy Ray Gillman at length a few weeks back, for the 1st time in a while.  One of "Tres Amigos"-- along with Tom Methvin and myself.  Jimmy Ray is surely one of the greatest Bonnie & Clyde researchers and historians-- in having thought to interview as many folks related to Bonnie & Clyde History as possible, years ago.. while the 1st generation people were still with us-- and 2nd generation folks were young and talking.  "And"-- video tape them. 

Within our conversation, JR said he thought the Mary O'Dare piece was the greatest one I've done.  High praise indeed, from a master researcher-- "Thank you" man. 
There are revelations garnered within this history I am equally proud of-- but in finally learning the fate of Mary O'Dare after 77 years of this history not knowing.. this was and still is, a special piece to me.  For those who have expressed such kind words concerning this one over the years.. "Many thanks". 

So on with the rewind.  Link is here.  Enjoy!!


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