Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rick Mattix-- A Champion for Truth Within History

I am saddened to learn of the passing of Historian Rick Mattix. I know all will join with me in sending our condolences to Rick's wife Linda and their families. I will always be a fan of Rick and his great work. Rick's books include The Bloody Barrows Come to Iowa-- Coauthor (with William J. Helmer)-- of Public Enemies: America's Criminal Past-- and The Complete Public Enemies Almanac. In addition Rick contributed to numerous other crime related books including, Thompson, The American Legend: The First Submachine Gun by Tracie Hill et. al-- Dillinger: The Untold Story by G. Russell Girardin and William J. Helmer (Expanded Edition) & The Ultimate Thompson Book by Tracie Hill et. al.

Rick's contributions to various historical publications include-- his work on the Oklahombres Journal-- Thompson Collector News-- Prohibition Era Times-- and satirical humor articles for the Chicago based tabloid The Planet. Rick was also a valued consultant to various radio and T.V. documentaries, including Bonnie & Clyde documentaries which have aired over the years. Rick and Linda also published the popular On The Spot Journal, which I'm sure will be remembered-- as an outstanding resource within the realm of criminal history.

I will miss Rick's immense knowledge, his dry matter of fact sense of humor and the wonderful conversations we had-- which would always last an enjoyably long time. On a personal note, I believe Rick was the 1st world renown Historian to publicly acknowledge me as an Historian. I must say, that's a humbling honor I shall always cherish. Rick Mattix always seemed a kind man, who possessed unique talents and a deep-seated passion-- in relating the history he loved. One thing I'll remember fondly about Rick, was his encouragement for me to always press forward with an investigation-- no matter the odds and regardless of any opposition expressed. He would say "go for it"-- and encourage me to stay the course, in searching out the truth.

Rest in Peace Rick-- for you will always be among the best, in contributing to and stating the case for truth within history. With so many complicated things happening in my life, I realize I've learned of Rick's passing well after the fact. As such, today is a sad day for me.

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BarefootOkieGal said...

reI, too, mourn the passing of Rick Mattix. I've read a number of his books, and really enjoyed his style. He will be missed by a number of fans besides those interested in Bonnie and Clyde! His "Complete Public Enemies Almanac" is one that I recently re-read, and enjoyed as much the umpteenth time around. He has left a wonderful legacy of words, and I do hope that the On the Spot Journal will remain available for those of us who like to check things out for ourselves!