Sunday, March 21, 2010

Streaks Are Meant To Be Broken-- Answers To The Latest B&C Polls

It's that time again-- time to reveal the answers to the B&C Polls. As answers this go 'round seemed all over the lot, somehow I knew that no one also participating in the monthly Poll Contest-- would likely get all these questions right. And that turned out to be the case. I may get some e-mails and phone calls this time, but as James Taylor said-- "that's why I'm here". As I try to use only reliable sources for the B&C Poll questions, but choose not to reveal all of them-- to preserve my ability to continue this favorite feature of many for a good long time, please know I trust in the seeds for these answers.

Some of the sources for this batch of queries were somewhat obscure, but they needed to be-- with the polls having been run through so efficiently, by at least one B&C expert for 2 months in a row. As I thought what fun is that?!?-- I set out with the help of my
compadre' L.J. "Boots" Hinton to try and toughen up the polls. Many of you did well with these questions, but many too may be surprised at some of the answers. So here we go--

Bonnie's father Charley Parker (with corrected spelling)-- died on December 31st, 1914. Many wonder about this, as so little is known about Charley-- but I have it from the family that this date is correct. I purposely added the reference to Charley deserting his family, in attempting to debunk that rumor here. Well I'm sure my phone will be ringing, as many may think Emma never viewed Clyde-- but I'm going with what I believe to be a credible new report, which I quote in saying "Bonnie's mother also attended the funeral and gazed into the open casket at Clyde's face but said nothing". In a letter to W.C. Condit President of the Nebraska Sheriff's Association, Joplin Chief of Detective Ed Portley, said Buck paid Carl Beatty (his spelling) $100 and 2 Ford Model A's for his Marmon. As I've mentioned on occaision, based on info from the Joplin Police files on B&C-- the Marmon was offered as restitution to the families of Harry McGinnis and Wes Harryman.

In a newspaper article from the time, Sheriff Thigpen is credited as saying that initially, Dilbert Darby thought Pretty Boy Floyd, may have been responsible for kidnapping himself and Sophia Stone. Of course later, Darby and Stone got it right by picking out photos of their Barrow Gang assailants. Well, I finally skunked you all on a question again. It was McCamy Campbell Embalmer Tommy McCallum, who reconstructed Bonnie's lower face, which was so badly damaged by gunfire. Although not all the bullets were said to have been removed from either body, it was McCallum-- who for many years, reportedly wore a tie tack made from a bullet taken from Bonnie's body. Concerning the number of cars in the procession from the ambush site to Arcadia, 150 has been published as the estimate. "Boots" said his father Ted Hinton, commented the number was more than 100.

5 was the correct number of aeroplane flights to the Arcadia airport, related to the ambush of B&C. One of those trips, carried Dallas Sheriff "Smoot" Schmid to the event he long anticipated. At least one account, has Buck upstairs on the couch when the shooting started in Joplin. But not according to W.D. Jones-- who said it was Buck who opened the garage door, when all hell broke loose at number 3347 & 1/2 34th Street on April 13th, 1933. What a great address.

Well there you have it-- answers to the latest batch of B&C Polls. I have to double check, but I believe that so far-- the B&C Poll Contest for March is tied. It's good to see an ex-champion re-enter the fray, in competing again for monthly Poll Champion honors. I encourage more who have fun with the polls, to enter the poll contest each month. For instructions on how to enter, please view the paragraph on the polls within the notes section. As March's contest could well go down to the wire, please look for a new group of challenging B&C Polls (March round 2)-- to be posted soon. As always my thanks, to all who vote just for fun-- and also to those who participate in the monthly poll contests. Fun and knowledge are the goals-- of the B&C Polls on The B&CHB.


Freda Dillard said...

Winston, I've been trying to find out information about Charley Parker. I knew he died in 1914, but I can find no evidence of the cause of death or where he is buried. Some think he is buried in the San Angelo area, but I can find no proof. Can you shed some light on these questions for me.

A. Winston Woodward said...

Hi Freda--

I hope you've been well. Charley Parker is one the great mysteries within B&C History. Very little seems known of him, even within the Parker family. I'll be happy to inquire, and see if anything else can be learned. 'Always happy to help.