Thursday, March 4, 2010

Blanche Caldwell Barrow Frasure Auction Lot #1-- Blanche Check-- Winning bid $50.01

Let's start right in with one of the great Blanche items available through these offerings-- a personal check #2200, dated October 16th, 1981. This check is made out to Montgomery Ward and signed by Blanche, as Mrs Blanche Frasure. It's my understanding that in settling Blanche's Estate, 100's of checks like this one were discarded-- in not realizing their potential importance. Thus this could be one of the only remaining checks with Blanche's signature, known to be available. I obtained this check directly from the Executrix of Blanche's Estate, as an item that was owned by her since Blanche's passing in 1988-- until being provided to me recently. A COA signed by Blanche's Executrix, will be included with this item to the auction winner.

This is an interesting piece, in that a handwritten change of address was made on the check-- prior to it's being used. This check was negotiated, and bears a bank stamp on it's verso. As a collector of autographs and B&C Historian-- it's my belief that not a lot of Blanche signatures exist in any form. Autographs are a most personal expression from any historic figure, and a personal check when available-- is often one of the best documents, to assure authenticity of a signature. In this case, this rare check made out and signed by Blanche-- is a great way to own something from a Barrow Gang member. I have just one of these to offer through these auctions. This item was scanned, with only sharpness enhancement added-- to reflect accurately the good condition of this check. This Blanche check is offered as is.

Auction Rules-- This is a 2 week auction. Bidding will be accepted only via e-mail to There is no minimum bid, however I would encourage all to bid with respect for the legacy of Blanche in mind-- in other words, please refrain from frivolous bids. I will update this post with the current bid for all to see. Bidding for this item will close on Friday March 19th at 10:00 PM Eastern Time (U.S.). Bidding is open to all who can view this blog worldwide. No anonymous bids will be accepted, however all bidder identities will remain confidential during this process. Once bidding has ended, the winner will have the option to either be known by name and location or just location-- as in a state or country if desired. For international bidders, please know-- you must be able to accept and I must be able to ship a package to your location without issue.

If for any reason difficulty should arise, where a winning bid cannot be fulfilled-- the next largest bid will be declared the winner. Payment will be in U.S. dollars. Western Union Money Orders, U.S. Postal Service Money Orders or International U.S. Postal Service Money Orders will be the accepted methods of payment. Fair shipping costs, as well as costs for insurance and delivery confirmation-- will be added to the final selling price, payable prior to delivery. All shipped items "must" include a delivery confirmation via the U.S. Postal Service, Fed Ex, UPS or DHL. As these are unique items owned by an historic figure, and with adequate time to decide upon bidding-- all sales are final. All decisions concerning additional nuances of these offerings, including revision of auction rules based on circumstance-- rest solely with myself. I reserve the right to terminate any auction, for fair cause or abuse.

With all of that behind us-- let the bidding begin. Please enjoy this wonderful opportunity, and good luck gang.

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