Friday, January 8, 2010

"Sex Sells"-- But At What Cost To Bonnie & Clyde History??

I continue to be amazed, at the frequency of Clyde homosexual references-- from a consistent number of people, who key into this blog seemingly for the purpose of learning about this sordid topic. Hopefully many of these individuals are learning some truth while they are here. I'm not sure, why sexual rumors concerning Clyde, Bonnie and other B&C figures within this history have amounted to such a rampant obsession in so many. With that said, I am providing this post as a forum for comment. I am challenging anyone who visits here to glean info on B&C sexual issues, to please comment and present evidence-- which supports Bonnie, Clyde, W. D. Jones or anyone else within the saga of B&C-- as having verifiable sexual issues important enough, to warrant the harm their perception has caused to this history. I would also ask the B&CHB faithful, to please comment as well.

As I continually do, I am encouraging all interested in these scurrilous rumors-- to please go to the blog archive located bottom blog right>> and find the post titled Sordid Rumors and Innuendos Exposed, dated August 8th, 2009. I would suggest that for many, it will be time well spent in reading this post. Within this effort, I teamed up with 3 other B&C Historians, to present the case against these scurrilous rumors having validity-- and also to identify a key source of B&C sexual innuendo. As I am now aware of some additional sources, which may have contributed to these B&C sexual rumors gaining momentum-- I am considering updating this report and re-posting it.

As with other B&C rumors, which have morphed into B&C lore-- these sexual rumors appear to be cutting edge versions of just that-- lore. Does anyone feel that if gay rights had been advanced in the 1930's, that anyone would have attempted to make Clyde Barrow a poster boy for those rights?? Perhaps that's an overly dramatic statement, but maybe not. And I would think the result of such a suggestion if Clyde had found out about it-- would have been more Clyde Barrow killings. There's no credible evidence which points to there being truth regarding these rumors, yet over and over-- there's great interest in discovering more about these slanderous claims. I don't feel there's much doubt, that John Toland contributed greatly to this issue. And now thanks to an expert on Santa, Bonnie Parker was likely a prostitute as well. Lord give me strength, for it's time to fight the good fight again.


Outlaw said...

What about that awkwardly worded single sentence in Public Enemies that mentions a farmer in Gibsland catching Clyde and the act? I had never heard or read anything like that before, but Public Enemies (which actually wasn't very Bonnie and Clyde friendly) felt the need to mention it.

Cindy Dy said...

It's enjoyable to learn more and more from your blog. Thanks for sharing.