Saturday, January 2, 2010

New For 2010-- Bonnie and Clyde Q&A

Here at The B&CHB, I routinely receive keyword entries and e-mails, concerning interesting questions about Bonnie and Clyde. As such, in addition to answering questions individually-- this year I'll be adding a new feature to the blog simply called Bonnie and Clyde Q&A. The goal of this ongoing feature will be to address questions asked, so all who frequent the blog-- can benefit from the Q&A provided.

Look for the 1st in this series to be posted soon. Also, should anyone wish to see a new feature added to the blog-- please e-mail me with your ideas. Thanks.


Shelley said...

Great idea, Winston! This will certainly be a most useful source of information for many folks, especially those who don't wish to spend hours reading, in search of an answer.

Even with now more than two dozen books out there on B&C, it's amazing how the misinformation still runs rampant. Most typical of course, are those annoyingly persistent "sordid innuendoes"!

Just today, as a matter of fact, I was asked by a young couple who took my tour down at the Gangster Museum if Clyde Barrow was "really a homosexual"?! That is what a friend of theirs told them, and they wanted to know if it was true.

I assured them - as I have others - that it was absolutely NOT true - for the umpteenth time. Of course, I cringe everytime I get asked this question!

Bonnie-and-Clyde are perhaps the most recognized couple name of all time, yet the average person knows so little about them. The B&CQ&A will be a fun, fast, and easy way for many of these people to learn all about our favorite outlaw lovers!

Outlaw said...

That still amuses me to no end. They were very obviously very in love with one another. How could he be a homosexual if he was in love with Bonnie? Duh.