Sunday, November 22, 2009

Blanche Barrow Items to be Offered--

For those of you who missed the Heritage Gallery's Blanche Barrow Auctions, held in Dallas in 2006-- I have exciting news. Through special arrangement with the Estate of Blanche Caldwell Frasure, it is indeed my pleasure to announce that additional items from Blanche's Estate-- will soon be offered for sale. These offerings will be made via just 2 outlets. A select group of personal items, will be offered exclusively here through The Bonnie and Clyde History Blog-- and it's planned that a wide range of other wonderful items, will be offered through e-bay. This special group of auctions, will be known as The Blanche Barrow Auctions.

Provenance of these items can be assured, as they are coming directly from Blanche's Estate. As I'm sure many would be honored to own something from Blanche, all are welcome to ask questions of me concerning these upcoming auctions. The opportunity to own anything from a Barrow Gang member, has been exceedingly rare. So look for more information as it becomes available, concerning this exciting chance-- to own personal items from such an historic figure as Blanche Barrow.


Shelley said...

I know that I, for one, would be extremely honored to own even the tiniest artifact from Blanche's estate!

This is indeed a rare and unique opportunity for all who care about this history. What little genuine, B&C-related memorabilia is out there available for purchase, has in most cases, passed ownership several times over by now, through the years. So what also appeals to me here, is the fact that these items come directly from a primary source: Blanche's close and dear friend. That's a pretty short list!

I very much look forward to seeing what will soon be available to the everyday B&C aficionado, such as myself - and hope to be able to acquire my very own historical trinket to treasure always. I'm sure Blanche would have wanted her things to wind up in the hands of those, like me, who would find them to be the most meaningful.

A. Winston Woodward said...

Dear Mrs. Krause--

I am acknowledging receipt of your comment, however due to the personal nature of your thoughts which involve others personal business-- please understand I cannot publish your comment as written. If you wish to address me via e-mail you're certainly welcome to.

It's my understanding that Blanche Caldwell Frasure's Last Will and Testament, which was probated and filed after her death-- has been reviewed again recently in anticipation of these auctions. Also, based on direct knowledge obtained from "both" participants-- it's my understanding that any remaining circumstances concerning personal dealings from 2006, regarding the previous Blanche auctions-- have already been or are now being resolved.

At this point and to my knowledge, only Blanche items owned by Blanche's legally named Executrix-- will be offered through this auction. It is of course her right, to now offer these items which she owns for sale.

For those who wish to attempt to cause issues, in "not" knowing the current status of previous matters-- and especially for those who wish to espouse some contempt of me, for helping to facilitate this wonderful auction opportunity-- I have provided this update, so you can get your facts straight please. Trying to malign those with only the best intentions, to me-- is not a good use of anyone's time.

As I have been aware of the possibility of additional Blanche items being offered for quite some time now, I wouldn't expect those who are not close to this situation, to know all that has occurred recently. But in advancing information now, I would hope all would benefit from this updated knowledge.

Thank you for your comment Mrs. Krause.

robert Barker said...

When and where are these auctions suppose to take place. bob

A. Winston Woodward said...

Hello Robert--

Details are being worked out for the auctions. One quite significant item is being considered by some, prior to other items being offered. However, please look for announcements concerning possibly this item and others, to be posted here soon.

Thanks for your question.