Monday, November 16, 2009

Cast For The Story of Bonnie and Clyde-- Rounding Into Shape

I've heard again from Tonya Holly, who says they are working around Hilary Duff's and Kevin Zeger's schedules-- and are slated to begin filming in January. Tonya directed me to a website, which lists the updated cast for the movie. So for all who've expressed support for this exciting upcoming production, here is the cast as it exists now--

Hilary Duff--Bonnie Parker.. Kevin Zegers--Clyde Barrow.. Thora Birch--Blanche Barrow (rumored).. Drew Fuller--Buck Barrow.. Brendan Fletcher--W.D. Jones.. Linc Hand--Raymond Hamilton.. Matt Dallas--Henry Methvin.. Cloris Leachman--Cumie Barrow.. Rance Howard--Henry Barrow.. Dee Wallace--Emma Parker.. Kate Maberly--Billie Parker.. Michael Madsen--Frank Hamer.. Cody Kasch--Joe Palmer.. Lee Majors--Lee Simmons.. Taryn Manning--Mary O'Dare.. Jack McGee--Mr. Methvin.. Natalie Canerday--Mrs. Methvin.. Peter Coyote--"Smoot" Schmid.. Tom Humbarger--L.C. Barrow.. Shawn Ashmore--Ralph Fults.. Richard Tyson--Bob Alcorn.. Donnie Fritts--"Maney" Gault.. Tess Harper--Governor Ma Ferguson.. Lily Matland Holly--Marie Barrow.. Muse Watson--Mr. Pritchard.. Dale Dickey--Mrs. Pritchard.. Dan Beene--Mr. Bucher.. David "Shark" Fralcik--Big Ed Crowder.. Richie Montgomery--unknown role.. Danny Vinson--Bud Russell.. Lindsay Pulsipher--Cousin Mary.. Bob Penny--Doctor.. and Emily Fitzpatrick--Waitress.

My thanks as always to Tonya Holly, for her gracious willingness-- to keep the loyal viewers of The B&CHB, informed on the latest to do with Cypress Moon's production of The Story of Bonnie and Clyde.


Shelley said...

Hows about providing us with a link to this website, Wins?

Many of us who know Tonya from the festival have been following her progress on this ambitious project for about 5 years now, with great anticipation. At least 6 months ago, there were a flurry of announcements from various internet news outlets, informing readers that filming was about to commence, at last. There were open casting calls held in several towns in Mississippi, and plans to do the same in Louisiana. But then we heard no more about it!

To film Bonnie & Clyde's story - and to get it done right - would be a massive undertaking for anyone to endeavor. I imagine it would be an especially difficult task for a small independent film company such as Cypress Moon, without the benefit of financial backing from a major studio. Production costs must be astronomical. There are bound to be numerous set-backs and delays.

I wish Tonya & Company all the success in the world in getting this movie completed. But I do hope that it really does get off the ground soon - before Hilary Duff gets too old - and has to settle for playing the role of Emma, instead!

BarefootOkieGal said...

I am looking forward to this movie, and hope that it isn't just another rehash of the original movie... I always tend to be disappointed with "true life" movies that don't show facts that I know to be true! I'm a major Johnny Cash fan, and I did not like the movie "Walk the Line" because it mostly ignored Cash's constant struggle between his spiritual side and his human tendencies, and instead created a struggle between Cash and his father to explain Cash's turmoil. I hope this movie will honestly try to get things right!