Wednesday, July 29, 2009

An "Onerous 8"-- A Challenging Group Of B&C Polls

Based on the results, I can say with confidence, this was the most challenging group of B&C polls so far. Loyal fans of the polls were "skunked" on 2 of these 8 stunners and almost shut out on 3 more. So here goes-- All got it right in saying that Buck Barrow used the alias of W. I. Callahan, an engineer from Minneapolis, Minnesota-- when speaking with Harold Hill prior to the Joplin shootout. On April 1st, 1933, Buck was also said to have used this alias, when renting the Joplin apartment from Freeman Grove developer Paul Freeman. According to a newspaper report, while Joplin Motor Car Detective Harry McGinnis lay mortally wounded-- he was said to have exclaimed to Officer DeGraff "You know-- I've been thinking about this. I had a hunch, it might happen this way". And in perhaps a controversial report, after the Joplin shootout-- the press reported that "the murderers" were said to have bowed, smiled and waved to horrified spectators.

According to Blanche Barrow, while staying in the Joplin apartment, the Barrow Gang kept their weapons in a living room closet-- as well as in Clyde and Bonnie's bedroom. The press reported the weapons were kept in a closet beneath the stairs. But as Blanche was there-- I went with Blanche's insider's account of this. Speaking of Blanche, she felt "both" the night watchman and the man who shared the Joplin garage beneath them-- seemed too curious when pausing to listen to the Gang's happenings, while at the Joplin apartment. Beer was legalized in Missouri, while The Barrow Gang was present in Joplin on April 7th, 1933. Apparently in having difficulty accepting her sons' ways of crime, Cumie Barrow reportedly thought Clyde and Buck were being framed. And finally both Blanche and an officer on the scene, recounted seeing Clyde stagger and then rise to his feet-- after being shot while in the driveway of the Joplin apartment. It was officer Kahler, who said he had one bullet left-- and who briefly felled Clyde with this single shot.

Look for more challenging B&C Polls to be posted soon. As always-- my "thanks" to all-- for participating in what has become a favorite feature, of The B&C History Blog.

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