Saturday, July 25, 2009

"History" Is The Only Goal Here

Based on the war of words between some within the B&C historical community having now occurred here, as it has elsewhere in the past-- let me make my feelings clear.

I feel these personal issues should be dealt with via e-mail or telephone, just as with personal issues we all face every day-- rather than through a blog or public message board. It seems the very nature of this or any public forum, only serves to incite the potential of mean-spiritedness being exercised to no good result, for the blog or anyone viewing it-- when a forum such as this, is mistaken for a personal communication device or deliberately misused.

So in response to comments I've read-- no-- I don't expect a lull in the action until the next comment that's "needed" to be responded to. I don't expect an angry follow up or antagonistic comment will be posted between any combatants, in response to or in anticipation of any comment-- made here or anywhere else. And that at least here, for those old enough to remember-- Romper Room is closed.

Energies spent posting and responding to "historical" reports and commentary is what this forum is all about. If desired, I would support someone's formation of The Diabolical Agenda or some such Blog, where such "pointed" personal issues can be aired-- as an extension of the free speech we all covet. But I "must" have rules here for the benefit of all, within this exclusively focused forum. As this is a forum dedicated to the history of Bonnie and Clyde-- please feel free to comment to your heart's content, regarding these iconic outlaws or anything related to them. But for those who see this as a place to level disrespectful and harsh personal attack upon others, seemingly for the sake of doing so-- please know I do not share in your views, and cannot provide a forum with which to exercise them.

And while I'm at it, for those who would come here (as someone did yesterday)-- "only" to make "hit and run" insults, apparently without the benefit of any discernible knowledge of American Depression Age History-- I might suggest they start (to quote them) a "who gives a rats ass-- about 2 homicidal white trash psycos who have been in the ground 3 times longer than they were ever on it" blog!!

I would also think being able to spell the word psycho, might be a prerequisite for using it in the derogatory way it was advanced.
In addition, when I express my viewpoints-- I'm proud to place my name and reputation behind every historical comment I make. Seemingly this was not true with this individual. So to my most impolite detractor who left such a "hateful" comment-- I would respond by saying that hit and run, rude & anonymous-- are not good ways to go through life son.

All are of course, entitled to their opinions, and I will accept and be responsive to all comment-- provided it is responsible and polite. We have "great" people on this blog, and a quality B&C forum for all to share. Please know-- it's my aim to keep it that way. I would hope all would respect my desire for an intelligent, honest and polite forum-- in discussing Bonnie and Clyde History.

I would welcome your comments regarding my thoughts and actions. Thanks.

Update-- Based on a hateful comment being posted, after I posted that no hateful comments would be allowed here-- I have deleted that comment and will delete any similar comments I see. Also based on a request to expunge comments previously left, which describe individuals in a derogatory way, I will honor this request-- and remove any comments I deem unacceptable. I tried self regulation, which unfortunately didn't work. I'm confident 99% of those who participate here and enjoy this blog, will support my actions-- in assuring the quality, integrity and good nature of The B&C History Blog. History is such a wonderful thing. Let's all enjoy it!!


A. Winston Woodward said...

After going back and forth on this twice already "again" today, as stated-- there will be no hateful comments tolerated here, no matter how they are framed or advanced.

I will delete and re-post as needed, to remove inappropriate comments-- to maintain the integrity of this blog. I have saved for reference, the comment which has necessitated this action. Also, as I have now been asked, to please remove comments in which some have been mentioned in a derogatory way-- I am in agreement, and will be cleansing the blog of hateful references-- which serve no purpose to the telling or enjoyment of B&C History.

All are most welcome, to post historical comment regarding B&C at any time. Thanks to all-- for your understanding and cooperation.

Anonymous said...

I think your blog is wonderful and hope you didn't mind my anonymous post under the Great Depression topic, also that I posted where someone has made a virtual graveyard at find a grave of all the Barrow gang victims. I am enjoying how you are fleshing out the story with all these revelations - I always figured they had more informants than we knew about. Even Clyde's oldest brother seems to have steered somewhat clear of him. He probably made a lot of respectable people nervous, even people who loved him.

A. Winston Woodward said...

Thanks very much, for your positive comments. Anonymous postings are not an issue to me-- unless used as a hiding place, to espouse hateful comment or spiteful nonsense-- as with one unfortunate visitor the other day. So you as all, please continue with your good posts and comment-- anonymous or not. Those who wish, can always sign up to follow the blog (bottom>>blog right). Then an identity will be left whenever comments are posted.

I will have more info regarding additional informants, as well as an important person within the B&C saga-- who was willing to put Clyde on the spot, within new posts soon.

Thanks again, for your support.

Anonymous said...

Thank you and I am also the anonymous author of the real long comment here: I have experienced poverty and had a son in trouble with the law. It's not an excuse, but a factor to be dealt with. I feel a sympathy for the parents - it's not what they wanted for their kids. It took an intense intervention that included my older children to get my youngest back on track.

A. Winston Woodward said...

Hello-- You've written some really good posts. Thanks for your participation. I'm always hopeful many more will express their opinions, and add to the give and take here. I do receive many e-mails behind the scenes, which of course is good too.

In having teenagers myself-- I can empathize with you. I wish you well regarding your son.

Anonymous said...

Life is too short to waste time hatin'.. don't be hatin'

A. Winston Woodward said...

I echo your sentiment. I have tried my best, to mediate and effect a positive change-- in particular, within these 2 individuals. My inability to do so, I believe speaks to the need for they themselves, to want peace. By removing any avenue here, to expound or past hatred being voiced-- I feel I am doing my part to extinguish the fires.

I seem to have lost a friendship over this-- however I am hopeful that in the future, when cooler heads and hopefully peace prevails-- that in reality, friendship has deeper roots than hatred.

t o m said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
A. Winston Woodward said...

So do I Tom. Peace to you as well.