Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why a blog for Winston??

In a nutshell-- control of my own creative expressions.

Having contributed extensively to 2 Bonnie & Clyde message boards, where it's said free expression reigns-- unfortunately I've found, these declarations of historical freedom to be less than genuine. With one board, which includes participation by B&C family members (whom I know)-- I found it wasn't a good thing to differ with the powers that be. I found when you peel back the false persona exhibited there-- in reality, more games are being played, than you can shake history sticks at-- and "ass kissing"-- which seems more relevant than historical content, has been elevated to the level of a fine creative art. As I didn't fit in, with the "agree not to disagree" credo practiced there-- I was asked to leave. This was fine, as I won't compromise my principles, independence or objectivity-- to tow the line of a few, apparently more interested in the lure of celebrity-- than the pure love of history. I even had an e-mail address I desired, offered to me as a bribe-- in exchange for my silence. I find even the idea of such an advance "remarkable". But as my personal and historical integrity, is not for sale or barter at any price, I of course rejected this less than gracious offer, and gladly moved on.

With the other message board, an enhanced freedom of expression seemed to border on utopia at first. However, after having a post of mine edited, my freedom of speech seemed to evaporate-- as if vanishing into thin air. Because this moderator is a friend of mine, and since apologies for some nearly unexplainable hard feelings, were exchanged within the bond of 2 friend's sincerity-- I'll still contribute freely to this message board. However the net effect of these two less than desirable experiences, have left me less likely-- to participate in Bonnie & Clyde internet forums, as prolifically as I once did. Instead I'll concentrate now-- on forming more of my expressions, within an environment where my rights of free speech are assured.

Therefore, a blog for Winston.


t o m said...
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Jimmy Ray said...

JimiJam says turn it up man to 11 & let it eat! Guns, Girls & Guitars!
Freedom...straight ahead!

tedprince1933 said...

hi win! same as what jimmy say's (i think) ted

Russ1934 said...

Winston, thanks for posting the link to your blog. Might not have found it otherwise. Russ

Anonymous said...

hi winston! always enjoy what you have to say, see you soon! ted &karron

Jassenia S said...

Hey Winston. I have been reading your blog here for a few months now. I've just now decided to start at the beginning. I can't get enough! I love your blog and the way you write them. Love how you won't settle for anything less than the facts! As it should be. The Bonnie and Clyde history is way too precious to mess up with lies or what others think true based off of authors just trying make a "best selling" name for themselves. I feel like you should be officially appointed to educate every and anyone interested in Bonnie and Clyde. Lol. There's just so much false info out there, it's sad. So thank you so much for sharing your immense knowledge and staying true to the truth. This blog will forever be my go-to for anything Bonnie and Clyde, its my like my very own B n C bible :) Looking forward to your next new post. You've got a fan forever over here.