Tuesday, April 28, 2009

B&C Poll Results Re: Dexfield Park Posse

It appears no one got the correct answer to the Dexfield Park posse B&C Poll question. I went with the Dallas FBI Files account, of the Dexter capture attempt for this question.

The correct answer was, about 15 posse members advanced on the Barrow Gang, in the near dawn attempt to capture B&C. Photos I've seen of the Dexter posse, seem to chronicle a varying number of participants. Of course it's not clear from any of the pictures, whether all posse members were noted within any of these images. What is clear, is not many uniformed lawmen participated in that group. The posse appears to be mainly a collection of locals, along with their weapons.

I found it interesting whomever led this posse, thought to advance on the Barrow Gang encampment in a V formation. This lessened the possibility of the posse members being hit by friendly fire-- and made it more difficult for B&C with their backs to the river, to escape. If not for the men who were stationed at the bridges, having abandoned their posts in hearing the firing, and mistakenly thinking B&C must have been captured-- the operation may have been a resounding success. That stroke of luck, along with Clyde's bluffing of Mr. Fellers, apparently with an empty gun-- meant Bonnie, Clyde and W. D. would live to fight another day.

I hope all will vote on new poll questions as I post them. 2 brand new ones, have replaced this one.

Thanks for participating.

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