Sunday, June 14, 2015

Within Bonnie & Clyde History-- Historical Worth is Earned From The Ground Up.. Not Misplaced Egos Down.

A special message for those now finding it cool, to knock those who would defend what's right with this history. 

For those who see this photo and wish to knock Tom Methvin and Jimmy Ray Gillman, and dishonor them by spreading nonsensical untruths-- let it be known that some within this history have spent time, resources and energy many couldn't imagine-- researching Bonnie & Clyde History, in order to catalog info uniquely valuable to this cause.  These gentlemen are 2 of those folks. 

I suppose within some Bonnie & Clyde Cliques, the nonsense level can approach "never ending"-- as it seems there's little else to do but interact amongst themselves, in such a way as to expose shallowness so evident there.  But hyping and following the "Grando ego" of the week or month-- doesn't add to this history.. but instead just exposes a weakness. 
What a shame Bonnie & Clyde History is so polarizing-- for if only combined within thoughts & hearts-- what a force all of us could be.  

These gentlemen and I have had our differences-- but that's in the past.  When this photo was taken, the 3 of us were researching this history together.  A few pretty good Bloodhounds, when tracking Bonnie & Clyde History.  Can a rekindling of that camaraderie happen once more, and "Tres Amigos" ride again??  The way things are going concerning the cheapening and trashing of this history by some-- don't be surprised.  Someone needs to stand up for what's right.. when some wish to squawk so loudly in being so wrong.             


Freda Dillard said...

You should really get all the facts for making such an inflammatory statement.
Plain and simple, Tommy is the cause of the polarization. The problem started when I made a statement last week that I should not have made. I admitted I was wrong, but that did not stop Tommy from going on a day long rant on Facebook using all kinds of vitriol, including calling me a pig, cursing me and even bringing Ken's name into it.
As for the ambush museum, Tommy is mad at the new owner for taking a screen door from the John Cole house and displaying it in the museum. The new owner did so to preserve a piece of the house before time and neglect destroyed it. He is also mad at the new owner for business reasons that are not mine to go into but Tommy knows what they are.
Tommy's raging behavior is nothing new. For the last couple of years, he makes nice with everyone just before the festival and then after the festival he finds reason to go off and he does all he can to pull others into his circle. I gave him the fuel he needed this year.
I bet you didn't know about the emails he sent to Frank Ballinger and the 6:30 a.m. phone call he made two Boots to rant about some Methvin photos that had been posted. As I am sure you know, both of these men are not in the best of health and neither one of them need that kind of stress. Boots was very upset.
I respect the work Tommy and Jimmy have done, but they are not the only people who have put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into their research. The way I see it, there are folks who are scared to death that someone may know something they don't. I, for one, am happy to share whatever I know. If others don't, that's their prerogative. I don't understand it but then I'm not looking for fame or wealth.
And that's my two cents....

Freda Dillard said...

Oops! Didn't proofread very good. I meant the Otis Cole house, not John Cole.

taronda schulz said...

Mr. Woodward, it seems that some prefer to bring up personal issues rather than address the current situation at hand. Could it be that Ms. Dillard may need to get some facts regarding her comments also? For example, is she aware that Mr. Methvin always makes his calls to Boots in the early morning hours? And does she know that Boots is able to have a phone only because it was purchased for him by Mr. Methvin? That being said, I seriously doubt that Boots was "upset" by the phone call or the time, and if he was I doubt he would express it. But none of that answers the questions regarding the direction the museum is going and why. Selling and displaying artifacts under false pretense is wrong, but I've yet to hear a legitimate reason as to why it's happening. And the last time I looked the owner wasn't Tom Methvin.

A. Winston Woodward said...

No Frieda, you didn't proofread very well.. but your slip in touting The John Cole House instead of Otis Cole House seems par for the course-- in promoting untruths emanating from the new Ambush Museum. I would not normally post your comment, but will this time-- so I can go right at you and those you support, who support this mockery of a new museum.

Firstly and yes ma'am-- according to a witness who thankfully has come clean and has far more character than some in this mess possess-- I have my facts right concerning the new Ambush Museum, and you should know I have. Also as having been close to Ken-- you of "all" people should be standing up in "loudly condemning" the new ownership of the museum and their practices. If Ken were here, all hell would break loose down there-- and the new owner would likely taste the dirt in the road, as he spits it out and walks away. And how dare "anyone" treat "Boots" Hinton as he's been treated!!

You may wish for Tom Methvin in a minute, when I get through commenting. Someone still owns the Otis Cole House albeit a Cole or the Parish itself. Therefore the removal of that house in pieces, to claim it's from a more famous Cole House is theft and deception.. plain & simple. Want to preserve a door from Otis Cole's House in Sailes??.. fine-- find out who owns the house and ask permission. Then don't lie concerning any aspect of the Otis Cole House in claiming pieces of it were from Bonnie & Clyde's last Hideout.. re: the bricks or so too the "Bonnie" swatches or anything else. Be truthful, be honest, be knowledgeable-- "care" and do the right things for this history, not the wrong ones.

If you and others aren't sharing in the profits there (or maybe you are??)-- then what the hell are you doing supporting bogus artifacts?? "Essplain" yourselves.. "on the record" for all to see-- each and every one of you.. and don't hide behind some "members only" Bonnie & Clyde discussion group. Let's hear why each one of you supports the wrong things instead of the right ones. What is it egos??.. power?? $$??.. what?? Why is this history y'all say you love being compromised to the point of damaging deception and lies?? And you folks support it. Why?? Where's your character??.. where are your guts??.. where is your support of the truth??.. where are your hearts for this history-- for what's "right" about this history??

A. Winston Woodward said...

And you folks better stop hiding behind "Boots" in not wanting to "upset" him. Nice try at deflecting attention-- but "Boots" is a big boy, and can stand the truth when he finally knows it.. and after all he's done for this history and that museum-- he "deserves" to know. I've been advised by those closest to him how to proceed in that regard-- and will.

As far as Tommy, more smokescreen-- but yes I do know about the calls and furor over the Ivy Methvin pic. Tom has every right to have expected better from those he trusted, who apparently lie like a rug for their own glory and benefit. Were you one of the ones, who said Tom and Jimmy Ray spread untruths about this history?? Well, that's plainly out of spite or ignorance. Whomever did-- has no clue regarding the extent of their work, knowledge and dedication to Bonnie & Clyde History. More disrespect from those so adept at it I suppose.

On a personal note, I've thought you good to carry on for Ken in advancing this history through the tours etc. But I am genuinely surprised at you, for being so nonchalant in your acceptance and support for the now trinket shop with dubious claims and practices. You apparently think that's good for this history. Well I and others don't. I notice you haven't addressed the bogus artifacts. Why not?? You don't believe they are?? You know they are but don't care?? Do you and others have some financial stake in them, and feel uncomfortable ending that "advantage" at the expense of good people?? You don't know right from wrong??.. what??

To me, you and others can't have it both ways. In order to support untruths and deception, you cannot love this history. I would hope all you folks take a good long look in the mirror, and make up your minds as to what's most important for this history and for yourselves. Examine your hearts. For those who view this current crop of "oh so upstanding people".. are watching-- including me. Want Tommy back to comment now?? I'm just getting warmed up.

t o m said...

for one thing I did not call you a pig, I called you a cow. You go around facebook saying my friend, Jimmy Gillman, 'intentionally gives out false info'. then you can cite no example of that, so after 12 hours, you change it to you didn't mean Jimmy, you meant me. Still no example, just vague mumblings about how I hem and haw when asked about the Cole house. Not an example of intentionally giving out false info at all. Why would anybody share anything with you, so you can take people on a tour and make a buck?

Yes I told Frank in an email that Charles Mudd Flynn not only broke a promise, but told people that Frank Ballinger was where he got those two pics. To break a vow, and then lie about it, AND blame Frank B for being the one who is sharing is too much. Yes, I wrote Frank to tell him about this low bullshit.

Yes I called Boots early one morning. I will continue to call Boots early in the morning like I have always called Boots early in the morning. You are not the doorway to Boots. I have known him longer than you , and I bought that cellphone for him.

But all this is a bullshit way of throwing the attention off of what is going on with the museum...

t o m said...

The Otis Cole house has nothing to do with any history regarding Bonnie & Clyde, or the ambush or anything. It was just a cool old house. it does belong to someone, and taking doors is not preserving history, it is disrespectful thievery. It is false on many levels to put a sign next to the door saying it is from the "Otis Cole House'. Is there any explanation of who Otis Cole is?

Perry told me, "Well dang Tommy, it aint your house!".. I never said it was. You are the one taking doors of the old house. Perry tells me he went and got it himself, yet on facebook tells some visitor a local old timer came by and donated it.

selling 'swatches' from a vest that is fake. I remember the discussion of this idiotic vest. I remember the ebay listing. It came from a relative of Bonnie Parker's in Dallas? really, which relative would that be? A simple question that is only met with silence.

I was told the bricks came from the Otis Cole house, yet are labeled as being from the John Cole Hideout house. Ted told me this. I sure believe Ted before I believe the different versions coming from Perry. Local old timers donating doors, Old Cole people coming by to take Perry on visits to the hideout. yet no details, no photographs of this visit to the hideout house. Nothing but a constipated look of anger.

There is a phone in the museum labeled as being the payphone that Frank Hamer used after the ambush to call Lee Simmons. It is not a payphone, it is not old. It is made of chaep presswood; a cheap replica phone.

and speaking of Ted. Ted has always been a friend of mine. The beginning of the end was when Perry kicked Ted to the curb. Perry told me that Ted was hitch-hiking back to Gibsland, armed and dangerous, intent on revenge. As if would believe that about Ted. Not only did he have this scurrilous lie, but a whole list of horrible things about Ted. A talking point memo to justify treating Ted like crap. Not only did Perry tell me about Ted coming back armed and for revenge , he told the people in Gibsland that. I know this, because one of them came up to me to ask about this ridiculous claim about Ted. Does Perry owe Ted money for the weeks he worked there?

You can sign off on this behavior if you want. Between the fake vest, and all that deceit, I can not be associate with anything like that. Then to treat Ted like that, plus the hundred of other things - it is not for me. It may be for you, it may be for mudd, it is not for me.

One last thing: All I said to Boots is I have to let you know Boots, I have nothing to do with that museum any more. If you need anything, call me. He asked me what the heck was going on, but we got off the phone.

I call Boots a lot, always early in the morning. I ask about his health and stuff. If you do not leave me out of this idiotic fiasco, I will say something. I know you 3 may think you need a bad guy to deflect away from your false ways, but ether find another bad guy , or better yet just stop making up shit to make a buck. Look into real history and facts and stop being false

Freda Dillard said...

Obviously, you are not interested in the truth but only in ranting as usual, so the only thing I'm going to address here is Boots. No one is hiding behind him but I and others do stand beside him....and in front of him when necessary. Everyone wants to pretend he is tough as nails but he is not. He has been very very ill and is trying his best to do whatever it takes to hang around a lot longer. He may not act like something bothers him but I know different because he tells me.
You've been advised by those closest to him? I don't think so because I know those closest to him and we would never ask you for anything. Boots is still a part of the museum and is fully aware of everything going on as he spends several days a week there.
What you need to do is get down off your high horse and quit acting like you are the king of the hill. I find it interesting that folks like you and some others love to publicly attack others and make threats instead of going to those you have issues with and having a discussion.
Do I want Tommy to comment? If Tommy wants to talk to me, he knows how to reach me instead of running off crying to everyone else. While some are afraid to risk his wrath and so say nothing even while they agree with me, I have no such fear.
You say you're just getting warmed up? You might want to take a cold shower because I've had my say. For the record, neither I or anyone else are afraid of your threats and bully tactics either.
Ya know, I wish I could sit back and keep my mouth shut like I know so many are at this moment but I can't. I am going to try to exercise the practice now because, while you are acting like you know everything, you don't.

Freda Dillard said...

Tommy and Winston, if you wish to discuss this further with me, you can call me because I will not continue to publicly participate in the libel, slander and defamation you both are committing. That is, if you can have a conversation without threats, cursing and yelling.

A. Winston Woodward said...

Freda-- It's surely not a "High horse" tactic to defend this history from those without character who would cheapen and demean it-- and from those who would steal real hard earned $$ from good and trusting people, concerning the fabrication of Bonnie and Clyde "artifacts". I'm with others in noting the obvious.. no one on your side of things will address the bogus artifacts and direction of the museum, or it's affect on the reputation of this history. Only some half-heartened, and mixed-message attempt to defend a man many legitimately love in "Boots" Hinton-- in order I suppose to deflect attention from the museum and it's new abhorrent practices.

I really do wonder??, who might have a financial stake in that museum beyond Perry Carver?? There must be some good reason, why no one close to the new museum has the heart, historical integrity or gumption-- to call out it's new owner and right the Bonnie & Clyde ship there. Some must think they're really gonna get rich selling B&C trinkets?? Or those swatches and bricks??, for they cost real money. "Holy shit, can't lose those". That must be it huh??.. what other reason could there be??.. except maybe to jump on some contrived bandwagon of "self-adulation" and new-found "glee" within a Bonnie & Clyde Clique. But what's that truly worth, beyond the egos of just a small group-- and how shallow a set of values would that be??.. to "sell out" this history for such selfish reasons. "Yep"-- must be some good reason, to allow this history to fall so low and not defend it honestly.

Concerning "Boots"-- "Boots" health has suffered for many years now (and all close to him know it).. this is not something new. Amongst it all, he has weathered many storms, put up with much nonsense and kept on truckin'. Why??.. because Bonnie & Clyde History is his mission, or should I say "was" his mission. He's still part of the museum now?? Really?? If so, I would think only to be used. Does he know he was duped into signing his name to bogus bricks?? Do you think he'll be pleased to finally know that??.. and he will. "Boots" deserves to know the truth.. not be protected from it. How dare you and others coddle but not be straight, with such a great person and iconic family member within this history.

As far as the personal attacks.. I say "what's new"?? This sort of thing has been going on for years-- and sapping energy from so many, who could give so much more to this history than the spewing of hate and hurt. And the tactic whether deliberate or just some sickness-- in using personal attack to deflect from more important issues concerning Bonnie & Clyde History.. that's nothing new either. Except this time-- it's long past time for those with character to squarely rebuke those without. I say let this new nonsensical and less than legitimate museum be the battle cry.

A. Winston Woodward said...

BTW Freda-- It's not defamation to tell the truth.. and especially when an eye witness to fraudulent behavior exists, to counterbalance those who either choose not to believe or knowingly support such behavior and deceit. What is defaming to Bonnie & Clyde History at this point, are the lies and deceit being committed and condoned, by those who cannot give 2 hoots and a holler about this history. You leave the fray now, as you apparently have to-- since you cannot defend the indefensible. As The Beastie Boys so aptly put it.. "Busted".

Let's see each and every one of your brood who supports this new museum, emerge from your private sanctuary, and go "on the record"-- in front of all in the world who care for Bonnie & Clyde History-- and "essplain" as best they can, why they support the apparent creation, display and sale of bogus Bonnie & Clyde artifacts?? And not some spin about "Boots".. or non-thick-skinned comment about how feelings have been hurt by personal attacks-- but rather, address what needs to be addressed now within this history.

Or to put it another way, I ask a question of all-- which would you rather have.. the museum as it was with "Boots" Hinton to guide you.. or the museum as it is now?? A museum which apparently no longer focuses on this history like it once did-- but rather rests in the seat of turmoil, in displaying and selling items which cannot be explained-- and filling their space to the gills with touristy items. That's what those truly interested in Bonnie & Clyde History want.. questionable and "touristy items".. yes siree.

Hey folks, for some-- the hangman's noose is standing waiting for you to approach it. Let's see who has the guts to step up to it.. "or" better yet-- the integrity to disavow themselves of nonsense and hurt for this history. Seems that would prove better for all. And "threats, cursing and yelling"-- no.. just honesty and typing. I'll bet though, if you could develop some way to highlight yelling within text, you might make some money like in other ventures.

t o m said...

No valid points brought up are ever answered in any way. It's just attacks and diversions. The treatment of Ted, the fake vest, the fake bricks, etc.., are never even discussed. All a person has is their word.

A. Winston Woodward said...

You know, if there's a silver lining in all this-- it's that in choosing sides over the new museum and it's practices, old alliances and friendships are being re-built. Just had a "wonderful" and long conversation last night, with a compadre' whom I haven't spoken with in quite some time. There is unity concerning this, among many who wield substantial respect within this history. Plus, I cannot see those newly learning of Bonnie & Clyde History.. supporting deceit over truth.

Great lengths were taken yesterday, to assure me of the right outcome for this. I must say I'm hopeful, and trust in what I hear. At least I'm smiling now.