Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Bonnie & Clyde History Blog Editorial-- Same 'Ol Shit/ Different Day

As it seems some just can't control themselves & also speak with forked tongue, it's time again although it be unfortunate-- for an editorial re: the behavior of some within this history. This will be short and sweet-- at least for me, as I don't have time for moronic nonsense. For those who believe in Tom Methvin and his followers/the self proclaimed Bonnie & Clyde "Elite"-- go there/stay there and stay away from here. I will not have my daughter insulted as she was previously, the memory of my "wonderful" and deceased granddaughter dragged through the dirt-- and myself threatened repeatedly by a classless cad and liar-- who works tirelessly at manipulating others, to follow him off the cliff of indecency-- while spewing the lowest form of septic insult.

All I can do is document the threats-- and let he who does a fine job of coming apart at the seams, continue to do so if that's his desire. Rant after rant/year after year/forum after forum/topic after topic/attempt at ruined reputation after attempt at ruined reputation-- should signal to some what reality is. But if those around him still feel comfortable in supporting that kind of crudity and inhumanity, good luck to you-- for your forums repeatedly revert to only being platforms for hate filled vitriol. Unfortunately as such, these forums are often focused on manipulation and spin rather than history. Inciting hatred is bad enough-- but to me being heartless and dishonest, is a far more telling measure of a person's true identity.

Nothing surrounding this history, should be about selfishness, hatred or retribution-- as having the unique opportunity to study a history so steeped in passion and human dynamics, is indeed an honorable and fulfilling pastime. Useless and self imposed drama-- are not.

Dirty tricksters are an old breed, but never supported by the truth.
Dates can be changed, threads altered and spin created to influence those easily fooled. But you see, my granddaughter didn't just up and die-- so the end date of cruel comments even though now changed, is irrelevant. My family was going through turmoil concerning Leila's being ill-- at the same time that a multitude of crass comments were being made. Some might say "we didn't know"-- to which I would reply, "as you don't always know what's going on in people's lives-- you shouldn't have been saying those things to begin with". And concerning insincere condolences-- the indisputable truth is, rude comments were made-- then those same individuals tried to backtrack, and seem sincere in expressing sorrow.

It's funny how hatred and sorrow don't mix. As such, even Tom's cleverly crafted 2 word note of condolence "Very sad"-- was picked out by some within our families, who asked "who is that idiot?" It seems even for those who didn't know anything about him-- in viewing just 2 words of "supposed" sympathy, they had him pegged correctly. Insincerity you see-- is not easily disguised.

Unlike some who will spend countless hours harping on this, and posting rant after rant to waste time and space on their forums-- that won't be the case here. Unfortunately from time to time, I need to respond to another round of this Bonnie & Clyde elitist bullshit. I've sent 1 e-mail in response to many, and hopefully just this opinion will suffice-- in combating a number of newly posted comments elsewhere. Thus, we can hopefully now move on to more important historical matters. As always in these instances-- my apologies for needing to take time for this kind of distraction.

Honorable men, are never dirty tricksters or liars-- and honorable men in the end will prevail. I take pride in having The Bonnie & Clyde History Blog be objective, fair and polite. So even within these comments which by all rights could be much more scathing-- I choose couth over crudity, and honor over disgrace.

Update-- I've now read Tom's latest rant-- a rambling repetitive attempt at saving face I suppose. For the record, having lost quite a bit of weight, I'm in pretty good shape now-- better than in years. And what was that you said in your e-mail about having proof Bonnie was pregnant?? All this time you've made people think I'm wrong about that, and that I've wanted to hurt others in my quest for the truth. Now what was that about Coushatta?!? Prescriptions and Doctor's notes-- "oh my". I wonder if JR knows you send threatening e-mails exposing your research, and holding it over my head as if I care. And is 2022 now the release date for the book??

I know what I feel is true re: a Bonnie Parker pregnancy-- and all this time you've agreed, but made others question my motives?? and investigation. Now at some point, you're going to reveal what you know in support of a Bonnie pregnancy?!? So what was the point of ostracizing me in the minds of others, over something in truth you agree with?? That's a fair question for all to ponder, isn't it?? Hypocrite is as hypocrite does. And where does a pregnant Bonnie fit in with Gordon Baker's book?? He may not have proof, but may not be that far off either. Worth trying to ruin his reputation, or just an attempt to reduce a competitor by one?? So what did happen at the ambush, which was so secretive?? What was the info from a witness to that carnage/never publicly revealed?? I might suggest we try and get along about now. This really seems all about hate-- and I'm not into hate.

"Love is the answer and you know that for sure"
-- John Lennon

And what's that about obsession TM-- as between you and your right hand girl Jan, you sometimes visit here close to 20 times a day. Thanks for the support-- but I don't care at all to look at what you're doing. Just 12 visits on Thursday-- perhaps a little light, but there's always tomorrow.


BarefootOkieGal said...

I love the John Lennon quote! I am a board-browser and leave comments here and there, but I'm not a hater and I don't feel that in any forum designed for discussion and free exchange of ideas, there is any room for hatred of dissent. I especially hate to see personal animosity expressed toward any individual on any public board - honestly, it's just NOT the place for it!

That's the nature of the Internet, though... I've learned to ignore topics that don't interest me on various boards (i.e., bashing an individual - and believe me, it happens no matter WHAT the board is about - you should have SEEN some of the Terri Schivo and Laci Peterson board posters!) and merely try to drop a comment here and there when I feel an urge to do so.

What I can't figure out is the need to take sides!!! Why can't a person enjoy the various boards for what they are, and enjoy people's comments whether they agree with them or not, without having to decide who might be right and who might be wrong? While I enjoy a good debate or discussion, I don't bother with threads that just seem to want to get into personal disagreements. Where's the interest in that? Where's any benefit at all?

There can be no genuine sharing of ideas when there is animosity among those who purport to want to share. Me - I want to share. I appreciate the lack of animosity on your blog!

The Cotter Courier said...

How awful that there is so much hate and anger in this world.
I am sorry you have been the target of such.
Our small Bonnie and Clyde Days in Reeds Spring MO is designed to educate people to the truth (mainly concerning the abduction of Joe Gunn by the duo, which happened here) We do hope that the anger and hate towards you ceases soon.
Dave Warren