Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Arcadia Update-- Perhaps Now Closer to Redemption

Behind the scenes, there have been efforts made on the part of many caring individuals-- to affect a positive outcome concerning Prentiss Oakley being assured his rightful place, upon the Henderson Jordan Memorial Park Plaque. A reliable source has informed me, that according to an Arcadia official-- an updated plaque including mention of Prentiss Oakley has been created and is in the possession of Mayor Eugene Smith. At this point, it's believed Mayor Smith whom I will attempt to reach for comment-- is out of state celebrating the Holidays.

Besides working with others involved in this cause and posting blog comments to spur awareness-- I've reached out to a major Louisiana news outlet, for their help in trying to make a difference. It will be a great day for Bonnie & Clyde History, should this reported 3rd Henderson Jordan Park Plaque with Prentiss Oakley included-- prove to be true and be installed. Perhaps I should have been born in Missouri, as my reaction although hopeful is-- "Show me". It's often said the 3rd time's a charm.

I'll keep you updated as more is known.

Update-- 12/9/2010. Good news on the Arcadia front. I've now re-approached Arcadia Mayor Eugene Smith by e-mail to learn the truth re: info recently provided, that a 3rd plaque has been created for Henderson Jordan Park-- which includes mention of Prentiss Oakley. Mayor Smith has responded by saying "Yes, we did re-make the necessary changes. I have it in my office and when we get the proper materials we will have it installed. Eugene." I've responded with my thanks to Mayor Smith for his reply-- and thank him here as well.

I also got a lesson today in Arcadia politics, from a Louisiana based investigative reporter who's well acquainted with the down home realities there. She's going to try and help explain more of this story. I hope to learn what I can, of this seemingly inexplicable historical miscue. But of course most importantly-- when I know the historically correct plaque is in place-- you'll know here on the blog.


A. Winston Woodward said...

I'm posting this comment in response to a comment I posted, which unfortunately, has landed somewhere in cyberspace other than here- where it's supposed to. "Ah"-- cyberspace.

The comment was made by Dave, that with less response to the Prentiss Oakley story than B&C sex rumor stories-- in effect, whether it's even worth fighting for Prentiss Oakley's inclusion on the Arcadia plaque. My reaction is "HELL YES" it is!!

B&C sex rumors stories although intriguing, to me are "fluff"-- until proven otherwise. That facts concerning Prentiss Oakley and the ambush of B&C are well known.

The question of how Prentiss Oakley could be excluded from an historical marker by those either with no accurate sense of history??-- who aren't paying attention?? or worse, in contemplating the possibility-- of perhaps some deliberate attempt to remove an historical figure from a well documented historical event?? (at least in one small corner of the world)-- is a big deal, at least to those of us who have shaken the bushes and rattled some cages down in Louisiana, in search of answers.

Was this just an "oversight" as has been explained?? My feeling is politics and any possibility of local revisionist history?? be damned. You have to wonder-- if it takes 3 plagues along with numerous complaints to get history right (which hasn't happened yet)-- what does that mean to this history??

Your turn. I agree with you Dave-- in feeling some additional comments would be helpful.

dave said...

Winston, I agree with you that it "IS WORTH IT". I just get disappointed, and discouraged from time to time with stories such as this that don't receive a huge response. Maybe folks are busy with the holidays.

BarefootOkieGal said...

It's hard for me to believe that it's just an oversight - Prentiss Oakley wasn't just some outsider who had come in; he was Henderson Jordan's deputy and served three terms as sheriff himself! He is widely acknowledged as the man who killed Clyde Barrow with one of his first shots. I just don't see how they could have "accidentally" left him off the monument, and I hope that it's true that his name will now be included!