Monday, October 4, 2010

The September Bonnie & Clyde Polls-- B&C Tidbits Galore

It's time again to address the Bonnie & Clyde Polls. This latest batch of queries was a medley of B&C certitudes, which I hope you found thought provoking. And away we go-- with the Sept. B&C Polls. All of the choices in question 1 occurred in the summer of 1932, and all had dates which were closely batched together. It was the kidnapping of Deputy Sheriff Joe Johns at Carlsbad, New Mexico which occurred last among the choices offered. The incident at Carlsbad happened on August 13th and 14th 1932. Stringtown was August 5th-- The Neuhoff Packing Company robbery occurred on August 1st-- and the Grand Prairie interurban job was pulled on July 29th.

Most seemed to know that in 1933, the Lillie McBride house stood at 507 County Avenue. County Avenue was later re-named Winnetka, where this house (pictured above) still stands-- in remarkably similar condition to when Tarrant County Deputy Sheriff Malcolm Davis was felled on the front porch there. Concerning Blanche and the law-- in general-- I think it can be said that Blanche Barrow was cooperative concerning her interviews with the authorities after her capture. Blanche even commented in one interview, that since Buck was now dead-- she had no reason to conceal any fact concerning The Barrow Gang. This brings us to the next question concerning Harold Thornbrugh. It was Harold's brother-- inmate Cecil Thornbrugh who stated Harold was a member of the Barrow Gang. Interestingly it was Blanche, who when asked about Thornbrugh, said she'd never heard the name of Thornbrugh at any time.

It was Ray Hamilton, who was seemingly singled out as being one of the parties and leading spirit-- who robbed the Grand Prairie State Bank on March 19, 1934. The local paper The Grand Prairie Texan, noted the job was pulled at a most opportune time and with methodical precision. And it was the bank heist in Lancaster, Texas on February 27th, 1934-- where Clyde was reported to have made the Dillinger like comment, in asking Olin Worley whether the $27. Clyde had taken as part of the monies relieved from the teller there-- were Worley's money?? After Olin told Clyde it was his wages from digging ditches-- Clyde reportedly said "We don't want your money-- just the bank's."

The Dallas Sheriff's Department's confidential informant, was described within the Dallas FBI Files as being both a Barrow or Parker friend or family member and as being tall and thin. Anyone up for re-kindling that debate??-- as that description does happen to fit the person most thought of as being the Sower's informant, Joe Bill Francis quite nicely. And finally $1000 1934 dollars (at retail prices)-- was the estimated value of the weapons taken from the Ranger National Guard Armory theft. 4 BARs and 13 .45 Colt automatic pistols were taken in the Ranger robbery. 2 older BARs and 4 .22 caliber rifles were apparently left untouched.

Well there you have it-- the September B&C Polls. Look for the October Spooky Halloween Edition B&C Polls to be posted soon. Many thanks as always for participating in the B&C Polls. Also, as no one chose to enter last month's Poll Contest-- there's no September Poll Champion to report. As the Poll Championship is up for grabs, I would encourage more who enjoy answering the polls, to contact me concerning October's B&CHB Poll Contest.

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