Monday, April 5, 2010

My Sincere "Thanks" to All

April 5th marks the 1 year anniversary of The Bonnie & Clyde History Blog. I wish to extend my sincere "thanks" to all-- for your loyalty and participation in this Bonnie & Clyde forum. B&C History is "unique" history where passions run high, and the love for it's stories run deep.

I take pride in making sure what is reported here concerning B&C History, is truthful yet compassionate-- direct but rarely absolute. There's a lot of play in this history, as there's so much we don't know-- and may never know for sure. However I am convinced, there are still revelations to be unearthed and revealed. Concerning this please know-- through my research I will continue to do all I can to find these gems of stories, and present a quality Bonnie and Clyde forum-- built upon the standards of integrity & truth. Nearly 20,000 hits from 75 countries in a year says a lot. Many "thanks" for your continued support. --Winston


Shelley said...

Congratulations, Winston, on your one-year anniversary of the BCHB!

You are to be commended for consistently providing us with such a wide variety of interesting and informative B&C-related topics -- and your passion for historical truth and accuracy. I am also particularly appreciative of the fact that you provide a forum here on your blog where those of us who are so inclined to offer thoughts and opinions, are free to do so without fear of reprisal.

As one who places truth and fairness in high regard, I give you two thumbs up!

A. Winston Woodward said...

gracias tan mucho

Russ1934 said...

I give you two thumbs and a big toe up, Winston!

A. Winston Woodward said...

Thanks Russ--

I appreciate your support. I don't know-- but don't we perhaps need to be careful with the body parts references?? We wouldn't want to excite the imaginations, of the B&C sexual gawkers out there. Thanks again.

Russ1934 said...

Oops! I didn't think about that. Consider the toe retracted! HA!

Shelley said...

Unfortunately, there are those out there who are all too quick to spin their own nasty connotations onto...just about anything! It's a dirty rotten shame that soooo much misinformation is perceived as being fact by so many. But it's not really surprising, when relatively few seem concerned with finding out the truth.

Even so, I find this sudden influx of Easter Sunday Pervs to be a strange - and somewhat disturbing - phenomenon. What is it, I wonder, about a religious holiday, that would incite so many all at once to seek out salacious "facts", pertaining to Clyde and Bonnie??? It's all just too weird for words!