Thursday, December 3, 2009

The November B&C Poll Answers, Round 2-- Like Autumn Leaves, a Variety of Questions

As December sets in for the holiday run-- here are November's 2nd set of B&C Poll answers. In a May 9th, 1934 Treasury Department Bureau of Industrial Alcohol document found within the Dallas FBI files-- based on info obtained concerning Jim Muckelroy's farm-- it was said B&C were believed to be visiting their folks 2 or 3 times a month. While staying at the LaFayette Hotel in New Orleans, Raymond Hamilton was thought to have used the alias F. A. Murphy during his time there. According to Blanche Barrow, immediately after Joplin--The Barrow Gang headed to Dallas, so that Clyde and Buck could visit their folks. It was the search for Bonnie Parker's fingerprints, which finally yielded the correct info that she was not Mrs. Bonnie Harding-- but in fact Mrs. Bonnie Thornton.

Interestingly it was Dallas P.D. fingerprint expert Doug Walsh who seemingly secured both the info that the mysterious man shown with Clyde in photos obtained at Joplin was Hubert Bleigh-- but then later, was more correct in identifying the man believed to be Bleigh as in fact being W.D. Jones. Both pieces of information were provided by convict informants. It was about 2 months after the failed Sowers ambush attempt, that Ed Castor walked into the Dallas U.S. Bureau of Investigation offices to offer the Dallas Sheriff's Department help in the hunt for B&C. As Sheriff Schmid always seemed reluctant to give up hope, that the Dallas Sheriff's Dept would bring down B&C themselves, to my way of thinking-- this 2 month delay after Sowers, was in character for the "politician" styled Sheriff. It's my understanding that in reality, concerning true law and order matters, that Bill Decker was closer to being the actual Sheriff than Schmid.

It was Frank Hardy that W.D. Jone's interviews help exonerate, for the Christmas Day 1932 killing of Doyle Johnson in Temple, Texas. And finally-- Robert Thomas of Indianapolis, was the alias Clyde gave, after being captured in Middletown, Ohio on March 18th, 1930. I also would have accepted Claude Barrett as an alias, as on July 19th of '33 license #2-1314 was issued in Topeka, Kansas-- to such a person, who was thought fictitious and believed to by Barrow. This interesting play on Clyde's name certainly makes it possible it was Clyde, however I'm not thoroughly convinced this connection can be made-- based on just the name similarity and info that this license was issued for a 1932 Ford Deluxe V8. It sounds feasible, but was that Clyde?? What do you think??
My thanks as always for your participation in the B&C Polls. Please look for more polls to be posted soon.

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